Archives: Doctors

Archives: Doctors

Dr M Touseef Tahir

Dentist and Implantologist

Dr. M Touseef Tahir currently serves as a leading Dentist and...

Dr Maryam Sadiq

Laser Specialist

Dr. Maryam Sadiq is an accomplished aesthetic physician currently serving as...

Dr. Umar Khan

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Umar Khan currently serves as the Director of Hair Transplant...

Dr Nayab Nadeem

Dermatologist & Aesthetic Physician

Dr. Nayab is a Dermatologist/Aesthetic Physician. She earned her basic medical...

Dr. Shawana Sharif

Dermatologist & Aesthetic Physician

Dr. Shawana Sharif is a Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician with more...

Dr. Saima Khan

Aesthetic Physician

Dr. Saima Khan is an Aesthetic Physician with more than 6...

Dr. Ayaz Ud Din

Plastic Surgeon & Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Ayaz Ud Din is a top Plastic Surgeon and Reconstructive,...


Dermatologist & Aesthetic Physician

Dr. Shanza is a Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician with more than...


Dermatologist & Aesthetic Physician

Dr. Farmania is a dermatologist and aesthetic physician. Has done MBBS...

Dr. Muhammad Bilal

Plastic, Reconstructive And Hair Transplant Surgeon

A distinguished medical professional with a solid foundation in the field...